A and B represent Chris and Michaels home and the C on the map on the right represents Stevies home. What the ME failed to mention, however, is that a one time act of oral sex on a child is not going to cause enough injury to a childs penis to be noticeable. I'm digging into this right now. CAN YOU EXPLAIN TO ME WHERE THE CLUB IS?AARON: ITS, ITS IN UH, ITS IN THOSE WOODS WHERE UH, WHERE THAT STOP SIGN IS AND ITSRIDGE: IS THE WOODS HAVE THEY GOT A NAME THEY CALL THEM ROBIN HOOD IS THAT RIGHT?AARON: UH-HUH (YES)RIDGE: IT IS OKAY, YOUVE BEEN DOWN THERE BEFORE?AARON: YES SIRRIDGE: DO YOU GO DOWN THERE A LOT?AARON: (inaudible)RIDGE: OKAY, WHEN YOU WENT DOWN THERE WHO ALL WENT WITH YOU MOST THE TIME?AARON: MICHAEL AND CHRISRIDGE: OKAY, AND WHAT DID YOU DO WHEN YOU WENT DOWN THERE?AARON: WE PLAYEDRIDGE: OKAY, DID YOU EVERAARON: AND THEN SOMETIMES WE WATCHED THESE MENRIDGE: THESE MEN. They then picked Chris up (as evidence shows) and the three headed out on their bikes and skateboard, riding up 14th street right before 6pm. The removal of the clothes was a very significant act. Mark Byers stated that Terry arrived at his home sometime after Meeks left. AARON: I THINK THEY WENT DOWN THERE. If the cop has power, it's easy. You have to keep in mind that the statements from Bennie Guy and Billy Stewart are considered hearsay and most likely would not stand up in a court of law alone. This would make the Ballard sighting of 6:30 next to impossible if not impossible, considering the boys were found in those woods and the time of death was most likely 7pm. : the alleged confessions of both Buddy and LG, Terry saw the boys spying and ordered the other three men to catch them. Then Vicki cuts him off and says he means "sex". (1) When Stevies autopsy was performed, a partially digested green-vegetable like substance was found in his belly. Remember that LGs own mother was looking for him that night, despite the claim that he was allegedly dropped off at her home. 0. art mollen md age. At this time, I was afraid that Terry would rape, harm or even kill me. I am scared and I am fearful . -5:00 Terry Hobbs drops Pam off at work and returns home What happened next is a theory supported by evidence and interviews. From 6pm on, he had left his skateboard in the street and hopped on the back of Stevies bike. What really stands out to me is that the guilt or innocence of the men known as the West Memphis Three has been wildly debated through the years. Furthermore, Terry himself claimed to be in those woods all night, up until the early morning. In fact, in 2012 the animal hair found on the boys bodies was tested; revealing that the animal hair was from both canines and felines. I think David Jacoby made a mistake/ a slip when he claimed that he saw the three boys, two on bicycles and one on a skateboard on the street when Terry showed up. David Jacoby, in an effort to catch one of the boys, fell and skinned his knee and also snapped in his frustration and hit one boy. WHAT DID IT SMELL LIKE DID IT STINK? The manner in which they were tied also tells us about the crime and the perpetrator(s). Also, the sister who caught Hobbs washing laundry in the middle of the fucking night! He believed that the men, this time, saw the boys spying and killed them. Keep in mind as well, that the Flash Market/Landromat on Ingram was only a few minutes drive away from the Byers home on 14th. Even worse, Terry claims that he had arrived at Jacobys already searching for the boys, while David claimed that Terry arrived with the boys behind him in the street and apparently told David that he was allowing them to play until dark. The attack on his genitals suggests an offender who is ashamed of his own sexuality, possibly confused and angered by his own sexual impulses towards males. I think Michelle died of a broken heart, possibly organ failure due to drug abuse. Anyone who has owned a dog, knows how dogs will lick blood clean in a matter of minutes. I am not scared of that boy. And that is extremely significant. How about his fucking alibi, oh wait, the dudehe claimed him as an alibi thinks he did it. After ending his first marriage, he wed Pamela Hicks Branch in 1986, when her son Stevie was almost 2 years old. Pam concedes on one condition: Stevie must be home by4:30 or he will be grounded from his beloved bike for two weeks. 9 Q. Now why would Narlene go to such lengths to lie and basically accuse her niece and her neices boyfriend of murder? The legal troubles of Terry Hobbs and John Mark Byers A month later three teens, Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley were arrested for the murders of the three eight year old boys. They had been stripped naked, hogtied and beaten. This lends credibilty to the theory that Stevie did in fact go home, and even ate some dinner. LG was actually a suspect from the very beginning, and its actually really shocking to me that he was not further investigated. The reason for this is that is that there is an abundance of evidence that shows the three are innocent and at the same time, there is some circumstantial evidence that shows they may be guilty. The day after the boys went missing before they were even found, Michael Moore's parents asked Aaron's mother, Vickie Hutchinson, if Aaron could be removed from school to help find the boys. He believed that one of the men told the others what to do, because they always did what he said. subscribe to the Crime Stories with Nancy Grace podcast. He said they were doing "what Indians do". She tells police that LG said to her,dont tell police you saw Damien on the service road or you will get in trouble. When they arrived in the woods, Terry Hobbs told the boys to wrestle. I went back and read all the autopsy reports and attempted to interpret them. I personally believe that this boy was Michael Moore. This means that by the time the four men would have attacked, stripped and tied up the boys, it would have only been somewhere around 7:30 at night. Humiliation is a strong word and punishment for the situation. So why didnt Terry return to the Moores house in the four frantic hours he searched for Stevie in their tiny neighborhood? VICKIE: I REALLY COULDNT TELL THAT. They had contusions, which are bruises, which had to have happened before death, on their ears, under eyes, over eyes, on forehead, etc. ALRIGHT DID CHRIS AND MICHAEL DID THEY TELL YOU THAT THEY THOUGHT THEY HAD GOT CAUGHT. However, according to Billy, one of the boys kicked Terry after he was caught and brought to him. Murders In West Memphis::: - Jivepuppi And, strangely enough, LGs alleged confession also show that the first boy (Michael) was hit with force two or three times, supporting both the autopsy and what is seen from the autopsy photos. 5 A. According to Buddys confession, the men then drove him back to Lakeshore and dropped him off. The day after the boys went missing before they were even found, Michael Moores parents asked Aarons mother, Vickie Hutchinson, if Aaron could be removed from school to help find the boys. As I mentioned previously, this statement is an enormous indicator of truth, in my opinion. I believe it was because Stevie was hit repeatedly on the left side of the face by LG. When LG was later questioned by police about who exactly had dropped him off, he claimed that he had borrowed Richards car that night strictly to go to the Laundromat and get his cousins phone number. The first most essential piece of evidence came from Stevie, Michael and Chris other best friend, Aaron Hutchinson. AND I TOLD AARON, ARRON DOESNT KNOW ABOUT SEX AND WE TALKED ABOUT IT AND ALL THE BOOKS THAT YOUVE SEEN UM HE SAID THAT THEY HAD THEIR PETERS IN EACH OTHERS BUTTS AND SAID THEY WATCHED. This not only puts Buddy in Lakeshore at the possible time that Terry Hobbs and David Jacoby could have shown up, but it shows that his whereabouts were unknown at the time the murder occurred. (1) Its possible that the by the time the men could have entered into the woods, the three eight year old boys were already there hiding. According to Gary Gitchell, there was rainfall on at least one or two of those nights. 3:15 Michael Moore shows up and asks if he and Stevie can ride bikes together. RIDGE ALRIGHT, DID SHE KNOW WHERE HE HAD BEEN? I really wonder if Aaron did see something, at a previous date. For the rest of the night the families, neighbors, friends and police search for the boys. This case is so terrifying. To me, this shows that Michael was not conscious or struggling when he was stripped naked and because of that, his clothes were more gently removed. Memories of events are easy to remember, specific times when events occurred are much more difficult to pinpoint. That could be why Stevie had wounds to the face, while the other boys had wounds to their head. Terry claims to anyone and everyone who has asked about that night, that he was almost frantically searching for Stevie from 5:00pm-9:00pm at night. One of the 8-year-olds is Hobbs' stepson, Stevie Branch. According to Terrys ex wife, Terry Hobbs first wife had claimed in their divorce papers that he molested their son. And then, twenty years later, a letter is found that had been sitting untouched in the prosecutions possession for a year. I will not claim that everything I write is certified fact, but I do believe that all the known evidence supports this theory as the truth of what happened in West Memphis, Arkansas in 1993. I do believe that some of the injuries on Stevies penis came from himself, from excessive masturbatory play. RIDGE OKAY, DO YOU REMEMBER SPECIFICALLY WHETHER YOU MAY HAVE GONE OVER TO JESSIES ON THAT DATE? The two men were looking for weed and asked the boys if they knew where to find some, or in other words, they wanted to know which drug dealer was currently holding. If anyone might know where the boys were going or what their plans had been for that day, it would most likely have been Aaron. He ends up staying and watching TV with Amanda. He told police that Jessie had confessed to him and that he said that he had just held the boys while the others killed them. Flashback to 1993, 4 months after the murders, Pam said that Terry told her he didn't get mad, he got even. Allegedly, the four men made it to a spot in the Blue Beacon Woods and Terry Hobbs asked the teens to wrestle each other. He was one of four children and came from a strict and religious family. It is an indisputable fact that Jacoby lied to police and under penalty of perjury in order to protect Hobbs from either being further investigated or arrested. HE ALWAYS TELLS THEM WHAT TO DO AND THEY DO IT. VICKIE: SO THEN UM, II JUST GOT AARON OUT OF THERE BECAUSE YOU KNOW. West Memphis Three: Who is the real killer behind the brutal - MEAWW Additionally, there is an ample amount of evidence, in my opinion, that Terry might have sexually abused all of his children. Thats a time bomb. Michael was almost immediately rendered unconscious ( I believe because he was attacked first). And the 90s. I dont believe when Terry first saw them that he intended to kill them. Whats peculiar is that Michael Moore was somewhat further away from Stevie and Chris, and that the location of the bodies was actually around 20 feet south of the suspected murder location. For one, LGs other aunt saw him at her work at approx. On the north side of the pipe bridge, very close to the Blue Beacon woods, a woman on the service road saw the three boys riding their bicycles at approx. In Jareds interview with Hobbs, one of the biggest red flags, according to Clemente, was that Hobbs waited until around 9 p.m. to contact the police and report the child missing, despite no one seeing Steven for hours. Jacoby likely felt at that time that the only thing to do to protect himself was to put himself as far away from Hobbs as possible. I also believe that at some point during the attack, Stevie was hit on his leg by the edge/side of the board, and also possibly in his face, which I will discuss in a moment. VICKIE: UM, JUST SOME BOARDS, LOOKED LIKE SOME ONE HAD LIKE MADE A DEER STAND, A LONG TIME AGO OR SOMETHING AND JUST SOME BOARDS AND THEY KINDA HAD YOU KNOW LIKE A FORTRIDGE: OKAY, AND WERE THEY NAILED ONTO THE TREE OR COULD YOU TELL THAT? When police finally did ask Buddy where he was the night of the 5th, he claimed that he barbecued with his family and then brought over some barbecue chicken to Jessie who ended up not being there. 5:30. How is that a way to describe sex? two hours to clean up the blood at the scene. New Eyewitnesses: Three Boys Last Seen Alive with Terry Hobbs Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. The use of hobbling helps to quickly control the animal as well as making transportation of the animal more easy. I have a theory about what weapon it could have been. (source) Additionally, a roommate of Richards also testified that LG was not at their home on the 5th but that he remembered LGs mother calling looking for him. Michael, being the first one attacked, was hit so violently and with such anger, that he was almost immediately rendered unconscious. Furthermore, the time the boys were seen doing this is also around the time that Aaron Hutchinson claimed they had first seen the men in the woods. Clemente said the first place a child would likely return to is home. Then for a time, I thought it was JMB. Vicky Edwards, a writer and teacher, has announced the release of her first book, "Boxful of Nightmares, Terry Hobbs' Personal Memoirs on the West Memphis Three Murders." Additionally, his cousin, Charlotte claims that he was at Lakeshore before the murders, left and did not come back till the next day. Although I have gone into great detail describing how this murder took place, in reality, the experts believed it would have only taken around 20 minutes to carry the murder out. By 7:05 the three boys may have been spotted by Terry or one of the others. I allege that he ordered the three to tie up the boys and explained that they should all be tied up in the same manner. The bottom line is very simple: Terry, David, LG and Buddy all liedabout their whereabouts that night. Mark took Chris home, spanked him for being in the middle of the street and not waiting at home, told him to clean the carport and left him there cleaning at 5:30. Terrys own daughter allegedly told family members, including her mother, grandmother, cousin and aunt that she had been abused by her dad and two family members even claimed to have walked in on Terry abusing his daughter. Jared: When they [the police] met you at the restaurant, was it just closer to meet you there as opposed to going to the neighborhood?, Hobbs: Thats where we called them from, so we knew they would be coming up somewhere near there.. Problem is, many of the things he says about him are also true for the WM3, at least Damien. Left: Buddy Lucas Right: LG Hollingsworth. 6:00-6:30. VICKIE: ANY TIME MY CHILD DIDNT COME HOME ON TIME THATS WHERE I WOULD LOOK FOR HIMRIDGE: OKAY, YOU HAD BEEN THERE ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS? But the deeper I dug, the more I realized that not only was there no evidence to discredit that these four men committed this murder, all the known evidence supports the notion that they actually did do it. I feel the reason for this was because Bennie knew no one would listen to him as long as someone else was locked up for the crime. To add further suspicion, LGs cousin, Domini lived within a five minute walk from Richards house. The 4perp claims that Chris was very quickly held down so Terry could stab and bite him. Tragically, for all involved, no one seemed interested or would return their calls. However, I dont think it takes an expert to see that the mark above Stevies eye appears to truly be a bite mark. And if he witnessed the beginning of sexual activity, Stevie, unlike the others, would have known that if the three of them got caught spying they all would have been killed. In addition to Billys statements and the similar questions asked in the 2009 deposition that both pointed to Terry Hobbs being an alleged homosexual or bisexual man, the criminal profiler Brent Turvey claimed in 1996 that whoever committed this murder was a closet homosexual who projected a macho image. VICKIE: UM, WEST MEMPHIS POLICE HAD ALL OF THE AREA ROPED OFF, VICKIE: I WENT TO THE DEAD END IT WAS YOU KNOW. He had a history of crime and domestic violence, and he shot his brother-in-law, allegedly in self-defense. Privacy Policy. In Terry Hobbs daughters own diary she talks about having dreams about having sex with her dad and that she is sure that he didnt molest her from age 15 years old to 19. Perhaps she felt obligated to lie about Damien in order to get him arrested for a murder she believed he committed. UM, AND I WENT UP AND TALKED TO MS. MOORE AND SHE GOT AARON OUT OF CLASS. RIDGE: OKAY, DID YOU SEE THEM THE DAY BEFORE THEY GOT KILLED ? JMB is a freaking nut but I think he loved Michelle so much that when Chris died, she did, too. AARON: AND THEN SOMETIMES WE WATCHED THESE MEN. Almost immediately after Terry would have hit Michael, I believe that is when David would have caught Chris. Although LG lived in West Memphis, just a few blocks from Terry Hobbs and David Jacoby, he spent a great deal of time at Lakeshore because various family members of his, including Narlene, lived there. What are the chances that boys would act out the way homosexual men have sex, in addition to one of them saying they watched homosexual men have sex, and it not be true? In accordance with the alleged confessions and as stated previously, I believe this kick would have sent Terry into a rage and he would have instantly punched Michael in response. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Not only ONE victim but THREE. Did he simply use Jessie as a scapegoat so that he could talk about the details of the murder and get it off his chest? . The boys probably promised to meet up in a bit and Chris headed home. He has dead eyes. West Memphis Three: New possible suspects named in the brutal 1993 West And, since Pam regularly made dinner at 4:30, Stevie knew that dinner was going to be around this time. If Terry was truly involved in a homosexual act directly before this attack took place, it makes sense why he would carry out an attack of this nature on Chris genitals. I believe that she knew that LG was somehow involved in the murders. They were convicted of the murders of three 8 year old boys and the public took an interest in them, with documentaries being made proclaiming their innocence. A certain kind of way. This was an attempt, clearly, to make the discovery of the boys more difficult. I just can't get it out of my head. If Michael had kicked Terry that could have been the impetus that pushed Terry to hit him back. And that 1 cop will know that a member of that community being subjected to questioning for a crime of this nature could lead down all sorts of paths: one of those paths being that Terry likes dick and is part of a small community that likes dick and that that 1 cop likes dick. The day when they finally made a grid to cover the entire woods and nearby field, was on either the 7th or 8th of May, a full two or three days after the murder. A couple of months later, French contacted the police and her landlord after Hobbs reportedly came into her home and grabbed her breast. Dana Moore was there the entire time; she never left. If the purpose in stripping the boys was to demean and humiliate them, then Terry would have wanted them to be conscious while he did it. He admits that they would go to the woods and hide either behind a tree or in their clubhouse, wait for a group of men to arrive, and then spy on them. Terry was born in Northern Arkansas and grew up in the Ozark Mountain region of the state. that triggers narcissistic rage, he blacks out with rage and goes too far. This is just more evidence to support the statements from Stevies family that he was being abused by Terry.). "[4], In November of 1994, more than a year after the murders of the three children in West Memphis, Hobbs again experienced trouble with the law. That 1 cop cannot be subjected to the stigma of liking dick. It is completely illogical to believe that LG would have driven nearly ten minutes away to get the phone number of someone who was in walking distance from him. We know that the boys clubhouse was right next to a pile of 2x4s which again supports the notion that the boys were discovered right by their clubhouse.). As the men submerged the boys, I believe the two teens took the bicycles to the bayou where they dumped them on the north side of the pipe bridge. The truth of what really occurred on May 5th, 1993 has not been completely solved and no suspects have been arrested. I think its highly probable that Terry repeatedly bit Stevie on his face, mostly on his left side. The bathroom window over my tub was partially open and my yelling could be heard outside. He snapped and hit the boy. 6 Q. What they discovered was a very organized, catalogued and intact body of evidence, a group working on the case previously wrote. For years, the stepfather of one of the three children killed in West Memphis, Arkansas, has maintained his innocence, despite public outcry to investigate him. And the reason he was never questioned was because being a dude who was into dick in Arkansas in the 90s wasn't okayespecially among cops. Misskelly, who has a low IQ, reportedly gave detectives a false confession which helped a jury convict the three of murder. And, is it just a coincidence that LG and Terry were unaccounted for that night and then, strangely, they both made public appearance right at 9:00 pm at night? Buddy as well was involved in the investigation and was under suspicion from his family from the beginning. : de-gloving, was because of animal predation that occurred after death. Buddy told them that Billy Stewart was holding weed at that time. This suggests that Terry Hobbs was the person who tied up Michael Moore and it is further supported by the manner in which Michael was tied up. However, knowing that a DNA sample was found on Stevies penis coupled with the knowledge that Chris may have allegedly been bitten on his penis and scrotum as well, I feel the chances are quite high that Stevie, too, may have been bitten in his penis. This theory was supported by police who were at the crime scene. This testing, though not as conclusive as traditional DNA testing, can help to exclude suspects as potential donors of physical evidence. Apparently, the medical examiner stated that the fine scratches on Stevies penis are similar to those from children who have sexually abused, i.e: given oral sex. Doesn't make sense how they disappeared, then got back in there without a soul seeing them. This is the time when, according to Billy Stewart, he believes something sexual might have taken place between all or some of the four men. He walked into the restaurant and went directly to the payphone. DO YOU THINK THEY WERE CRAZYAARON: THEY WERE SMOKINGRIDGE: FOR DOING WHAT THEY WERE DOING?AARON: THEY WERE ROLLED UP UM, CIGARETTES THERE WAS ALL KIND OF WHITERIDGE: KINDA WHITE CIGARETTES?AARON: ALL WHITETHE KIND YOU ROUND UP YEA YOU PUT THAT GREEN STUFF IN THERE. West Memphis Police Officer, Bryn Ridge found Michael Moore first, just south of the crooked tree that juts out from the ground in the photo on the far left. The crime scene, as well as the clubhouse were both located somewhat close to each other on the east side of the drainage ditch. was terry hobbs ever found.